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A Teenage Hot Tub Threesome

Teenage-Hot-Tub-Threesome-GenericA new short that brings me back to the last of my high school days, when I was eighteen and had all the energy in the world. Check out my latest free ebook: Teenage Hot Tub Threesome.

This was a ditty I wrote for fun that I’m not too bashful to share. All characters featured are depicted as 18 or older. Remember, if you’re offended, I warned you about that and it’s all just fantasy.

You can get it in ePub or Kindle format from Smashwords.



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Magic Means Books 4 & 5 Release Date

2-book-boxset-books-4--5-TRANSPARENT-On November 21, 2019, Magic Means Books 4 and 5 are releasing in one boxed set. It’ll be available everywhere, not just on Amazon. This series is an obsession for me, and I’m so happy to continue the story.

These books continue the slice of life style of storytelling in and around the Van Veld Building, where anything can happen. There’s a lot going on as the High Priestess returns with a new plan for the Light Enclave and new characters move in, complicating and spicing up a lifestyle that was already exciting for Mack, Lilith, Isabel, her twin Inez and Scott.

This is the continuation of a writing obsession that puts character and story at the centre of an experience that celebrates drama and explicit erotic content. It’s the kind of series Penthouse might turn into a spicy soap opera, only with magic.

From the rooftop of the Van Veld Building where I’m watching over Old Town,

Damon Rain

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I’m On Facebook!

facebook thumbing youI know, so many people talk about leaving Facebook, so why am I running back into it’s waiting arms and feely hands as they pick my pockets (and my very soul!) for data and check the colour of my underpants like a creepy uncle?

It’s the biggest platform out there. Even if you fail to reach people on Facebook, you can at least say you had a toe-hold there, which is actually still worth something. So, if you want to get felt up by Facebook’s information seeking system with me, friend me, and check in to the Magic Means page. I’d like to see who is part of the community I’m building around these books.

I’ll be around these places:

My personal Facebook Page:

The Magic Means Facebook Group (join in if you enjoy any of my books, not just Magic Means):

Writing to you from behind a blackout curtain, trying to avoid Facebook’s leering gaze,

Damon Rain

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Magic Means Books 4 and 5 Will Be Published In One Volume

Magic-Means-Book-4-Cover-final-SMALLThat’s right, with Magic Means books 1-3 on Kindle Unlimited, I’ve decided to release books 4 and 5 together. They will sadly not be available through Kindle Unlimited, but will be on Amazon and every other major platform such as Apple Books (formerly iBooks), Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Smashwords among others.

I have heard you, and I’m happy to announce that, as of January 3, 2020, these and the rest of my books won’t be exclusive to any one platform, but will be available broadly.

Magic Means Books 4 and 5 make up one huge 128,000 word story which could not be split into two books as planned. It’s a slice of life style story that features the rising power of several characters, more of Mack’s story (including his faeries), and an explosive ending that launches the next three books in the series. It’s a trip into this world that is thorough, intimate and emotional and I’m eager to put it in front of you.

This series doesn’t have many readers yet, I suspect it’s sitting on hundreds if not thousands of readers as a freebie many people downloaded but haven’t read yet, but I know more people are coming. The reviews are great so far, so I know more people will be joining the readership and me on this mystic, sexual trip.

The copy editor for the series suggested the cover I’m using for Books 4 and 5, and he encourages you to take a close look. There’s a lot going on, so keep checking back, or subscribe to the site so you don’t miss a thing.

From my swank apartment on the top floor of the Van Veld Building in Old Town,

Damon Rain



Exclusive to Kindle Unlimited Until January 5, 2020

LibrarianFor the next few months, I’m only offering my books through Amazon. This is an experiment that I decided to do because a lot of new authors are having great luck launching their careers there.

While I’m not a big fan of exclusivity, there is a huge upside. If you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, where you get to read an unlimited number of ebooks from a library of two million or more titles, you can read any of my books, especially the Magic Means series, for free.

So, if you have Kindle Unlimited, give me a try, here’s my list of books on Amazon.

After January 5, I’ll be re-publishing my ebooks with all the major platforms, so no matter what kind of device or service you like, you’ll be able to get your hands on my books.

I hope to see you back here after you’ve tasted my work!

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Gathering: Magic Means 3 Is Live On Amazon

Gathering-GenericAt long last the final version of Gathering: Magic Means Book 3 is available to everyone. What’s different from the original, unreleased draft? I added more adventure. Samantha is sent into the wilderness alone where she is confronted by complications from the previous book. All the while she’s adjusting to a new personal reality as the cure to her reverse aging brings more change than she could have imagined.

This book has gone through several edits using copy editors that have a great deal of experience, and some of the scenes have been re-written so they’re more impactful, clearly worded and enjoyable.  It was a pleasure for us all, and work on Magic Means Book 4 is well underway, it’ll be out this year.

While Samantha is in the wilderness alone, Van Veld Books is open, and customers who have been wishing for an Occult Book and paraphanelia store in Old Town get to experience the full range of what Scott, Inez, Mack and friends built. Lilith, Isabel, and other characters watch Old Town begin to change as the Dark Enclave looks on from a distance, scheming from the shadows.

As with the first two, this is a novel with erotic elements with a playful spirit and a healthy dash of adventure right in the middle. There are no bolt-on parts here, everything you read adds to the rich tapestry of story, so even the smallest of Mack’s faeries could change the story in unexpected ways.

I truly hope you enjoy it.

Gathering: Magic Means Book 3 is available exclusively on Amazon in EBook form through regular purchase for $2.99 US or free with you Kindle Unlimited subscription. It will be released on the iBookstore (iTunes), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and through other sellers on January 5, 2020.


The print edition is $9.99 US and is available through Amazon as well as several other book sellers.

A final note: Thank you so much to the thousands of people who downloaded Magic Means 1 and 2 for free (still available for free in most regions on Amazon). Thanks to your encouragement, Magic Means is getting two more books after Book 4. I love writing this series, it’s so good to know that there is a group of people who love reading it.

From my shop in Old Town,

Damon Rain

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Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 Gets Updated

Magic-Means-Book-2-Cover-1I’m amazed that thousands of people have dowloaded Seeker. Not just through Amazon, either. The book is popular on several platforms. Thank you to the people who reviewed it.

Why did I need to make changes to Magic Means Book 2? I saw places where the story and the setting could be better, and Magic Means books 1 and 2 were about to go to print, so this was my last chance to make those changes without making a lot more work for myself and cursing readers with print copies that didn’t reflect a better quality of writing. Now the Ebook copy and the new print version are the same (in print on Amazon).

I also added a chapter for Samantha, who has become a favourite character. She faces a huge challenge in this book and there wasn’t enough detail about it nor were the consequences of her trial dire enough. Now her story is more interesting and it connects to Magic Means Book 3 more directly. I always wanted this to have some real adventure in it, and I think I’ve gotten there.

A few more details about the Van Veld Building needed polish too, so there was a lot of work to make it more realistic. I also added two new characters that make an appearance. They’ll factor in more later, but for now they add good flavour to the building that wasn’t there before.

Here’s the really good news: People who already bought Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 can update their version by re-downloading it, or by going to your user dashboard / menu / whatever it’s called on the retail site you bought it from to enable or get the new version. That’s free.

If you just discovered this series, you can get books 1 and 2 for free on most retailers. The links to all my author pages are below, take your pick and download ’em.


The changes in Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 are more substantial than in book 1, but I made sure that the characters, story and other things that people liked so much about it remained the same. I hope you enjoy it.

Now I’m re-writing the draft of Gathering: Magic Means Book 3 and I expect to have it out this year. It’s great fun, and I hope you follow me into the Van Veld Building, where I’m sure we’ll go on a few adventures and have some adult fun.

From a village on another world where the villagers aren’t quick runners and there are a lot of shrines,

Damon Rain