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Wicked Space: Dissent Part 1 The Sexy Space Opera Begins

Wicked-Space-GenericI’ve always wanted to see a revival of sexy futuristic stories. Fit heroes and heroines who look good while they’re saving the universe (even if they’re chunks of it up at the same time), and believe the latex and chrome future they’re living in is free and kinky (baby).

Wicked Space: Dissent Book 1 is the introduction to a series that celebrates the latex and chrome style of science fiction, and since it’s an adult book, it’s thick with sex scenes that range from the comical to passionate. Meanwhile, we have endearing characters like Perry the handsome space adventurer and Bolts the femdroid who was reprogrammed for combat. He’s looking for his real dreamgirl while she’s looking for upgrades and trying to be more than his cheeky sidekick.

The whole thing is wrapped in a rebellion that strives to make breeding free for all after a major corporation has taken control of human reproduction.

I have to admit that I fell back in love with the first book as I was editing it, and I’m enjoying the work I’m doing on the second even more since the adventure only gets better. The first one is free and the second one will be super cheap.

Krista, a mousy, bright woman is remade in the future as a gorgeous lady with a wicked libido by Regen, a corporation that controls most of human reproduction.  A Horny Mandroid, Space Cowboys and a resistance group who fights to make breeding free for all humanity make an already complicated rebirth even more exciting as she learns about sex, love, herself and how she can find freedom in a future obsessed with sex.

Wicked Space is a sexy science fiction space opera series that delivers steamy entertainment, drama and action thanks to characters like Krista and her friend Andi who worked for a bikini company in the 21st century but are reborn into beautiful bodies and made to serve Regen, the company that controls most human reproduction in the future. There’s more to the story as Perry and his faithful companion Bolts the sex android who was upgraded for combat and exploration go in search of technology and supplies for a resistance fighting to make breeding free for all. His brother Damon assists Laula as she schemes to liberate Krista and Andi from under Regen’s nose. They’re all destined to come together, but what will happen when they do? Will Regen realize two of their prized stock are about to be sprung free? Find out that and solve the mystery of the horny Mandroid in this sexy Space Opera!

This book is free everywhere except for Amazon.

You can find links to Wicked Space: Dissent Book 1 and all my other novels on my book page by clicking here. Over the next week it’ll spread across the online retail galaxy, landing at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and more, so if you don’t see it listed right away, check back.

From the lounge on my groovy space ship,

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The Half Breed Heart Is Back!

Half-Breed-Heart-Cover-uncensored-med-2018I love writing adventure novels just as much as I enjoy reading them. The Half Breed Heart is the kind of straight forward adventure that I wish I could find more of in the world. I wrote it some time ago, and didn’t know if I would release it, but after a recent re-read, I remembered how much I loved this romp and the characters within. It’s almost a shame that these memorable personalities are only in this novel, normally I’d pick them up and use them in a series, but for some reason they only have this one adventure.

That’s not to say that I would resist the idea of using these characters in another book if the demand was there. I would love to write them again.

The star is a half faerie half elf who has split from her tribe to look for adventure and love. Meanwhile, a poor, young magician is trying to rise above a life that sustains him but doesn’t begin to satisfy his modest ambitions.

When our heroine discovers and old friend is being held captive, she begins an adventure that will lead her to Dale the magician, and a new, exciting chapter of their lives can begin.

Having said all that, you can pick up and read The Half Breed Heart anywhere quality EBooks are sold.  If you want to see any of these characters again after you finish flying through this adventure, just say so in a review wherever you picked it up. Don’t worry, I’ll see it!

Here are the direct links to where you can find the Half Breed Heart:

iBooks (By Apple)
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Rakuten Kobo

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Learning My Lust Is Everywhere

Learning-My-Lust-GenericThis is one of my favourite erotica projects because it was written in a fun, female voice. I previously published it under a female pen name (Dariya Saint), but since I dropped that, I’m putting it out again under my own name, Damon Ran.

The idea behind this book is simple. Mary is an eighteen year old woman who catches the owner of her favourite cafe pleasuring his girlfriend in the storage room. After seeing how much toe curling fun she’s having, Mary starts exploring the carnal side of life for herself. This leads to a string of misadventures and great experiences that culminate in her pursuit of a special crush.

I had great fun writing this one-shot novel (That’s right, it’s not part of a series), especially because I was able to draw on great stories from friends, and even a couple tales from my 20’s. Some of the characters are based on people I knew back then too. The main character is loosely based on two amazing women I’ve known for a long time, and I hope I did them justice.

I hope you enjoy this book, it was so much fun to write.

Here are a few links to places where you can find the book:


IBOOKS (Apple’s iTunes Bookstore)





Free Ways To Help Your Author

unnamedMost authors cringe at the idea of telling their readers what they need to become more successful and to write more books. As an experienced writer myself, I know what that’s like. You’re afraid to ask anyone for anything because you’re afraid that you’ll scare readers away.

You need not fear! Your readers like what you do and a few of them will help if they have time. If you ask nicely, or with a little humour, no reader worth your time will be offended.

Now, you, dear reader can help your author. If you have time, you want to do this because most authors will write even more, even faster when they’re more successful. I have no research to back that up, just my own experience and that of a few other authors I know. When we got to do this full time, our output doubled, quadrupled and sometimes MORE! More books! Better books! That’s the reward you get (usually), for helping your author achieve their dream. I wrote five books as a hobby writer and it took a decade. As a full-time writer, I completed and published over thirty.

So… how can you help (for free)?

Download ALL THE (free) BOOKS!
You can download the non-free ones too, but that’s not what this article is about. Every independent author should have one or more free books out there. It helps people see what their writing is like without great risk, it’s their invitation to you. The higher these freebies are on any of the top download charts, the more people will discover them. If you want to be really cool about this, download a copy from all he sites that offer their work for free, every download helps. If there is an opportunity to share news of your download or purchase on social media, do that too.

Review the books!
A brief and honest review of the book you most recently read or remember best helps other readers decide whether or not to download or buy your author’s book. Sure, your author would rather see a purely positive review, but a few honest words about what you liked about the book are better than an overly hyperbolic love-fest. If you feel their book was worth four or five stars, please give them that gift. Whatever you do, be honest with your review and try to stay away from spoilers. You’re doing this as much for your author as for fellow readers, after all.

Share Your Experience!
If you find yourself loving a story, or a character, or the world your author has introduced you to, talk about them (without spoilers if possible) on social media. You don’t have to link the book, just make sure you mention the whole title and author, interested people will find it. If you love the story, mention why. Did it surprise you? Does it sound fresh and new? Did you experience something similar or do you wish it was happening to you? How about the characters? Do you have a favourite? Do you wish you could meet one of them? Does their journey seem exciting, even enviable? How about the world: is it somewhere you’d like to go? Is it particularly scary, or have realistic depth? People want to hear good stories, feel like they’ve met interesting characters or taken a trip somewhere using pages in a book. You’re sending them to a new world when you show them a new book or author.

Meet Them Online!
Some authors are very accessible online though Facebook, Blogs, Goodreads, Twitter and other social media. Sure, you’ll be able to find out when new books are coming by being present on these platforms, but they’ll benefit by having you along. Try to participate by responding to posts, asking questions about their books (if they tell you they can’t answer for spoiler reasons, please be patient), and greet newbies as they come. Authors with healthy social media presences have a much higher chance at landing TV and Movie deals, and you benefit by having other readers to hang out with.

Recommend the Freebies!
If you’re part of an online or real world group that’s related to what your favourite author writes, they might want to hear about their work. For example: If you’re a member of a fantasy gaming forum, like Elder Scrolls, talk about how you’re enjoying the work of your fantasy author. If you’re a member of a Vampire Live Action Troupe (LARP), a couple friends there might want to know about the Vampire or Urban Fantasy novels you’re reading (but it might be best to share that before or after the game). Friends with similar interests are obvious choices too, and you’ll be able to talk to someone about what you’re reading, which is a reward in itself.

Become A Beta Reader!
Sometimes an author will ask readers to step forward to proofread and offer opinions on an unfinished, or unpolished book. This is a great way to get a look at an early version of an unreleased work and to help them. By offering your notes and answering their questions, you’re helping them refine their work.

Can you think of another way?
I’d love to hear your ideas about helping a favourite author while spending zero dollars, so pop them into the comments below.

Damon Rain

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Founder: Magic Means Book 1 Is Free!

Founder-GenericSo is Seeker: Magic Means Book 2, sort of. Let me explain briefly.

First, I’d like to thank the readers who stepped up and reported that Founder needed a price match (It was free everywhere OTHER than Amazon at the time, see the previous blog post), because I’m sure that helped. I’d like to thank Amazon as well, because they could have simply denied my request and discarded the reports you submitted. Thanks for setting my book free, Amazon, you’re pretty cool after all.

This week nearly two thousand people downloaded Magic Means Book 1, and thanks to Amazon setting Magic Means Book 2 free in some regions, it’s been downloaded over three hundred times.

Let’s not forget other platforms, where Magic Means Book 1 and 2 have been downloaded nearly a thousand times, and it’s slowly inching its way up the Romance charts. Barnes & Noble and iBooks are seeing some downloads too, but Smashwords is easily in second place behind Amazon. Thanks to all the platforms that offer Free as an option, it’s the best way to get my new stuff in front of people risk-free so they can see what I do.

I’m still working on getting Amazon to make the second book: Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 free, and they reassure they’re looking into it for me, so here’s hoping. In the meantime, you can download it for free from any other quality EBook retailer, especially Smashwords who offers a basic Kindle version.

I hope you enjoy these books, and please review my work once you’ve finished reading it. Future readers will thank you for giving them even a one line comment, because many decisions to download are based on those and the number of stars you leave behind. Thank you again!

Now, I’m going to get back to work on Gathering: Magic Means Book 3.



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Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 Update

Magic-Means-Book-2-Cover-1Before I give you this little update, I’d like to say thanks to all the people who downloaded this book for free so far. I hope to start hearing from you through reviews, tweets, comments or telegrams. I’d just like to know if you’re enjoying it so far, and to thank you again when you turn up with your thoughts and opinions.

So, if you’ve finished Book 1 of Magic Means, Founder, you’re probably wondering; “Hey, Damon, when do I get the next one?”

I have some good news! I just finished a pass on the whole thing, and my beta readers are getting the manuscript tomorrow! That means I’m on track to get this out there (on Smashwords for free and Amazon for 0.99 because they’re being dicks, in my opinion), and everywhere else sometime next week or earlier!

I am so exited to get Seeker out there because the action really picks up. The first book feels more like a soft introduction compared to the second, which introduces a couple important new characters, gets into the history of Old Town and the area around it, and there is definitely some heavy erotic content in that. I think there’s some lovely lighter, more sentimental stuff in there too, because our characters aren’t just two dimensional fuck-puppets, but serious fictional people with feelings.

This is one of those books, according to test readers and myself, that doesn’t need the erotic content to be good, which is my goal in writing this series. It’s an ongoing drama that is good without the spicy stuff, but even more fun when you add it in. In Book 2: Seeker, I especially start hitting that mark and I love it.

I really can’t wait, but I have to. Those beta readers have got to get their hands on it, tell me where I messed up, and give it the all clear before it hits the street.

The third book in the series is already partially written, and I’m already having fun with it, so the series is looking good.

What did you think of the first one?


Oh, and just in case you don’t have that first book yet, here are the links: Barnes & Noble, iBooks (by Apple), Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon (Not free yet, but I’m working on it).

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Help Me Free My Free Ebook On Amazon

Van copyAmazon is a great platform in many respects. Without it, I don’t think I would have the career I do. This isn’t a slash piece, just a request for help. Thanks, Amazon, you’re usually a great partner, but you can be strange, in my opinion.

Right now, as far as I know, there are three ways to list your book for free on Amazon:

  1. Have a giveaway. This costs money for every copy you provide to readers for free. I don’t have that, so let’s move on.
  2. An author signs their title up for Kindle Unlimited, making their book exclusive to Amazon for a minimum of three months. You can share your book for free for only five days during that whole three month period and that’s it. I like Amazon, but I also like other book retailers like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and others. Sorry, Amazon, I’m not willing to forgo all others, even for just three months, fuck that. Readers deserve to choose where they download or buy my books.
  3. Sometimes, with the help of a dozen or more (often more, let’s face it), readers, a book can be price matched to vendors that offer it for free, thus making an ebook free on Amazon. It only takes about one to two minutes to help out, but if enough people do it, this works. Amazon will reduce the price of my book to zero. This has worked in the past, I need to try it again because I can’t afford anything else.

    Listen, you barely know me, I’m writing under a pen name, so you owe me nothing, I get that. I’m asking for the moon and all I have are a couple smutty (but awesome) eBooks that you can download anywhere (except for Amazon!) for free. So, I’m asking you, random cool guy / girl reading this on your phone, tablet, computer or other futuristic device to help me out. If you’re willing to follow a few steps, we will be able to get Amazon to set my book free. Below are the instructions, and, man would it ever be amazing if we got this done. I’ll explain why after I tell you how:

    STEP 1!
    Go grab a link from a place where my book is already free. Copy it. Here are a few examples:
    Barnes & Noble:

    (Don’t forget to download a free copy for yourself while you’re on that step, unless you already have, enjoy!)

    STEP 2!
    Visit and find my book: Founder (Magic Means Book 1). Here’s the link:

    Click the link that reads: Tell us about a lower price?

    Enter the link you copied, the price it’s listed at there, which is exactly 0, and make sure the date is correct then click Submit Feedback.

    You’re done! You’ve done a complete stranger on the Internet a solid for a great, smutty Ebook! Don’t you feel awesome? (You should, I know I do!)

    But, Damon! Don’t you want to make money on your book?
    Hey, we just met, should I ask you to open your wallet when you have no idea what kind of writing I do? I’d rather earn my way into your heart (and another organ or two) before you leave any money on my dresser, so let’s make a few of those ebooks free, it’ll be my pleasure to entertain you while you decide whether or not it’s for you with no risk to your wallet.

    Here’s another reason why free is important: In my opinion, artists should be able to determine what they charge for their work. It’s digital, the cost of transmission is almost always negligible, (in the case of Ebooks, it is, even according to Mark Coker, the founder and CEO of Smashwords). Besides, if you love, or even like the first few free ebooks, everyone will make whatever the cost of the free downloads cost back when you pay about three bucks for another one of my books. Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other retailers know how this works and back that up by letting us offer our books for free. It’s the smarter way to do business, in my opinion, because I’ve already launched a successful career based on it.

    Another reason, and it’s a doozy: I love the Magic Means series. I enjoyed writing it so much that I want to make the first, the second, and the third books free! A whole trilogy, baby! I don’t just want it free where they support that sort of thing, either, but on Amazon too, where – in my opinion, or as I’ve observed, whatever phrase keeps me from getting sued – they seem to disapprove of long term free ebooks. I want everyone who has even a passing interest in sexy paranormal stories to get a look at this labor of love (and often lust, let’s be honest), and Amazon is the biggest vendor out there for now. C’mon, help me get to the big show, folks! I promise I’ll spice up your reading experience, if not with the first, with the second book in the series. I grew up with Buffy, Charmed, Angel, and all those great beast of the week shows, and I’m eager to entertain you with all I’ve learned in my own cheeky way.

    There are other reasons, I know, but I’d rather let an ebook and literacy evangelist like Mark Coker explain them to you instead of making this article longer than it has to be (it might be too late for that).

    So, there you have it. The how, the why and an impassioned appeal to your heart and a few other organs. Hey, if you’re an author trying to do this for one of your ebooks, leave a comment with a link. I’ll do the same for you too!

– Damon

Oh, and here’s some Queen: I Want To Break Free