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Founder: Magic Means Book 1 is about the opening of an Occult store in the middle of a town that is secretly run by witches, warlocks and other magical beings. It’s available now, for free. Check the links below to find a copy at your favourite Ebook pusher. (Except for Amazon, who won’t allow the book to be free until enough people report a lower price. I’m working on it).

Here’s the synopsis!
After the death of his father, Scott discovers that he is part of a legacy of magic, power and community. To understand this new world he needs the right master, so he sets his sights on the star of Occult Heavy Metal – Laura Light. A journey that leads him to answers about his ancestry, the hidden heart of an embattled city, and his future begins. He and Old Town will never be the same once he discovers where he came from, and beholds the bright future he could have if he gives up his life as a touring musician.

As Scott pursues his destiny, two people who will become an important part of his journey have begun their battle. Inez is a librarian in the Tate Library and a warrior for their Dark Enclave and has to steal Chuck’s most prized possessions. Chuck, a Man of Doors who can travel across reality with a knock is taken in by her charm, and a desperate chase to reclaim the most important thing he’s ever owned begins.

The Magic Means Series is a passion project for Damon Rain, a veteran writer who has penned over thirty novels under different names. Years in the making, this book is only the first in a playful, sometimes emotional and jarring story about the Van Veld Book Store; a place where the unexpected is the order of the day.


Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 continues where the first left off, ramping the action up and moving the story along.

Van Veld Books, the store for all non-dark practitioners of magic, is getting ready to open. A succubus with a crush, a client stuck in a time loop, irate religious profiteers, a bossy customer who wants a job, a tribe of faeries, and various forces of darkness ranging from the overt to covert threaten the early days of Van Veld Books and Technical Wizardry. Even so, they won’t affect Scott and Mack’s destinies as much as the secrets and surprises the store and the people they’ll meet bring to bear.

Opening the doors brings more challenges and surprises. Little do Scott and Mack know that eager eyes have been watching from the shop across the street. No one told them that success could bring more danger than they could imagine, and they would never guess what form their biggest threat would take.

Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 continues Damon Rain’s passion project: a humorous, dramatic paranormal romance series about a bookstore that will have what you need, or the adventurer that can find it. The principal characters come together in this novel that celebrates the ideas driving the series.

Magic-Means-Book-3-CoverGathering: Magic Means Book 3 starts to bring all the characters introduced in the first two books together. Joy, drama, chaos and magic are the result, but usually not all at once, thankfully.

Scott and Mack are doing their best to keep up with demand now that the doors to their shops are open, but running a magic store from a large, well known building sitting on top of a wellspring of light magic is becoming complicated. The forces of darkness are circling and have made their first assault, sending an enchantress in to enslave Scott in an effort to assume control of his store. After the spell backfires, Scott finds himself in possession of a powerful but entitled and crazed enchantress, an unintentional act that could draw the wrath of her entire Dark Enclave, an army of evil humans and demons to their door.
In the meantime, love may find footing between Scott and the healer from across the street if they can get past their obstacles. Mack is shocked as a charming succubus starts having feelings for him, faeries are slowly taking over his part of the shop, and the entire Light Enclave wants to move in. The story of the most popular Magic Shop continues by asking the question; when does having too much become a problem?
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Learning-My-Lust-GenericLearning My Lust was written while I was under the name Dariya Saint, and it was a great book to launch her online persona because it was written in first person from a young woman’s perspective. I won’t lie: the research for this book was a lot of fun, and I still like how it turned out, so I’m republishing it under my name.

Mary witnesses the owner of her favourite cafe pleasuring his lovely girlfriend so thoroughly, so intensely that it sends Mary on a quest to explore her own sexuality and find pleasure that’s just as overwhelming for herself. Embark on a sexy adventure with Mary that leads to surprise, a short lived existence as a rocker chick, and much more in this sexually charged romp.

Half-Breed-Heart-Cover-uncensored-med-2018The Half Breed Heart is one of my favourite works and one of the first books I published. I put it out under another name, and it gained a little fandom. The playful fantasy tale about an independent minded half faerie, half elf was so much fun to write and it was my first time dipping my toes in fantasy erotica.

Sylvia is a rare breed: half faerie, half elf. Raised by Gypsies, the bold, attractive young woman attracts all kinds of attention. Despite her exciting nomadic existence she felt there was something missing. Gripped by wanderlust, unable to fill the void in her heart she set out to rescue a friend who was captured by a ruthless king. She’s in for an adventure she couldn’t have imagined.

Wicked-Space-GenericWicked Space: Dissent Book 1 & Book 2
This book has been put on indefinite hold. It was released for a short time and feedback was great, but I’ve decided that I’m going to perform a full rewrite anyway because it didn’t live up to my standards. I expect a new version to appear sometime in the next few years. I’d rather concentrate on Magic Means.




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