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The Succubus Librarian: A Magic Means Short

The-Succubus-Librarian-GenericFor a little fun, and to develop a couple characters as well as their world a little more, I wrote a short piece called the Succubus Librarian. A young succubus named Nella has a crush on one of the university students who has begun visiting the library she’s working in.

It’s the Tate Estate Library, a place that is mostly dedicated to all forms of dark and grey magic and the study of its history. Inez, her supervisor, has noticed, and realizing that Nella isn’t attracting the attention she wants from her crush, Inez offers to help her out.

It’s a salacious tale that is attached to the Magic Means series, but isn’t nearly as serious as those books. The rough draft is currently ranked as HOT! on Literotica, so I’ve made the ebook free for a limited time on Smashwords. There’s a version for every kind of reader.

The Magic Means novel is going to be about ten times the size of this, about 90,000 words or so, and it will be more serious. Inez and other characters will make appearances, especially since the Succubus Librarian takes place during the first third of Magic Means Book 1, which I hope to have out sometime in June.

So, if you’re in for a frivolous 10,000 word story that shows a little of the Magic Means world, and is really just for fun, hit this link and get your free copy (until June 1).

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The Magic Library Part 2

The second part of the Magic Library, set in the world of the Magic Means series, is up! These are rough drafts where I play with a few ideas between characters in the book for fun. So far these chapters aren’t in the book, which is 17 chapters so far after editing, but who knows? If they’re well liked, I might slip them in.

Right now they’re a bit of indulgence and filthy writing practice. Filthy, filthy writing practice. I like the word ‘filthy’ today. Here’s the link!

Oh, and if you’re on a work computer, do NOT go to that link. I can’t believe I have to say that. 😛


LitErotica Submissions, Short Serials

Short Series: Magic Library PT 1

I’ve started publishing some stories that are set in the Magic Means universe on LitErotica. I’m looking forward to get the first feedback for these rough drafts, and if it’s positive I’ll probably find a way to slip them into one of the upcoming books.

Here’s the link to the first part, where Nella the young succubus is approached by her supervisor in the library, Izzie the Witch.