cropped-magic-book-smallWell, hello there!

I’m Damon Rain. No, that’s not my real name, I’m not that lucky. I write novels and short pieces that are meant for people over the age of eighteen. Why that number? Why eighteen? That’s the unscientific number most lawmakers chose as the age of adulthood. That’s right, I’m a man who writes adult novels and stories.

I started writing thirty years ago, give or take a couple years, and I’ve loved it ever since. I’m here because I want to write fiction that is good enough without the inclusion of sex or controversial topics, but I love that stuff, so I include it with glee and zeal. After an hour with my dictionary, I settled on those words because they’re fun to say and represent 10% of the joy I derive from such activities.

Sex and controversy. Glee and Zeal. Oh, yeah.

Sometimes I just write a love scene, why? Why not? Just the love scene, then I upload it to a place like this, or another site filled with such marvellous, sexy writing. I’ll link the stories on this site though, so you’ll be able to find them. You’ll also find sample chapters and a few written pieces about being a male writer of erotica, a genre dominated by women and men who use women’s names.

Men don’t have the easiest time in this genre for the most part, and I’m not here thinking I can change that. No, I’m here because I tried a female pen name and it didn’t feel quite right. I also got tired of the dick pics. Seriously, I’ve never met a lady, especially an erotica author, who fell in love (or lust) at first dick-pic sight. After the first twelve or so, it’s just not funny anymore. I feel better writing under a male name, especially when I add a disclaimer.

I’m here to have fun with this, to entertain your brain and whatever other body part I can affect. I hope you have fun with me until I eventually offend you, it just happens. At that point, I hope you can see past whatever offence I caused and keep reading, because it’ll be worth it.