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Magic Means 6 & 7 Are Out!

At long last, the dramatic, humorous and often sexy Magic Means series continues with two new books. Congregation: Magic Means 6 introduces a new character: Amy Angel. She’s escaping her stepfather, who has been keeping her under strict control as she models for his extremely chaste tease website, Christian Stars. Tired of getting little pay and no freedom, she slips out of her Stepfather’s grasp and makes her way to the Van Veld building, where she knows her old friend, Samantha will help her.

Amy Angel also brings bad news: the church her Stepfather’s involved with is preparing to protest the very existence of Van Veld Books, the first real Occult store in Old Town in years.

Meanwhile, Scott and Isabel explore their relationship and Old Town a little as they go on their first real date together. The rock star themed evening is sure to heat up. There are many more events in Congregation, which lead directly to the next book.

With the impending arrival of protestors and magicians from another world, the residents of the Van Veld Building find their own ways of dealing with, or avoiding stress. Inez begins to lean on old habits, hiding and peeping on people to see what they do when they think no one’s watching. Isabel and Scott are enjoying the afterglow of their first date and training new employees for the magic shop. Samantha is in hot pursuit of a new lover, but she’s still unsure of who she really wants; Ruby or Craig. Ruby continues to learn new things about who she may be, what magical power she might have and who she wants to flirt with most.

Mack and Lilith continue opening doors for the newcomer, Amy Angel, who is determined to become a sex star on the Internet to undermine her Stepfather and his wholesome picture site, of which she was the unpaid star model. There’s a lot going on, including a magical awakening, a mini-orgy, messy faeries, a new curse, a Peeping Pam, unexpected matchmaking, raging hormones and other things that I won’t spoil here.

You can find both books on my author pages at the following retailers:

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Magic Means Books 4 and 5 Will Be Published In One Volume

Magic-Means-Book-4-Cover-final-SMALLThat’s right, with Magic Means books 1-3 on Kindle Unlimited, I’ve decided to release books 4 and 5 together. They will sadly not be available through Kindle Unlimited, but will be on Amazon and every other major platform such as Apple Books (formerly iBooks), Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Smashwords among others.

I have heard you, and I’m happy to announce that, as of January 3, 2020, these and the rest of my books won’t be exclusive to any one platform, but will be available broadly.

Magic Means Books 4 and 5 make up one huge 128,000 word story which could not be split into two books as planned. It’s a slice of life style story that features the rising power of several characters, more of Mack’s story (including his faeries), and an explosive ending that launches the next three books in the series. It’s a trip into this world that is thorough, intimate and emotional and I’m eager to put it in front of you.

This series doesn’t have many readers yet, I suspect it’s sitting on hundreds if not thousands of readers as a freebie many people downloaded but haven’t read yet, but I know more people are coming. The reviews are great so far, so I know more people will be joining the readership and me on this mystic, sexual trip.

The copy editor for the series suggested the cover I’m using for Books 4 and 5, and he encourages you to take a close look. There’s a lot going on, so keep checking back, or subscribe to the site so you don’t miss a thing.

From my swank apartment on the top floor of the Van Veld Building in Old Town,

Damon Rain


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Wicked Space: Dissent Part 1 The Sexy Space Opera Begins

Wicked-Space-GenericI’ve always wanted to see a revival of sexy futuristic stories. Fit heroes and heroines who look good while they’re saving the universe (even if they’re chunks of it up at the same time), and believe the latex and chrome future they’re living in is free and kinky (baby).

Wicked Space: Dissent Book 1 is the introduction to a series that celebrates the latex and chrome style of science fiction, and since it’s an adult book, it’s thick with sex scenes that range from the comical to passionate. Meanwhile, we have endearing characters like Perry the handsome space adventurer and Bolts the femdroid who was reprogrammed for combat. He’s looking for his real dreamgirl while she’s looking for upgrades and trying to be more than his cheeky sidekick.

The whole thing is wrapped in a rebellion that strives to make breeding free for all after a major corporation has taken control of human reproduction.

I have to admit that I fell back in love with the first book as I was editing it. The first one is free and the second one will be super cheap.


Krista, a mousy, bright woman is remade in the future as a gorgeous lady with a wicked libido by Regen, a corporation that controls most of human reproduction.  A Horny Mandroid, Space Cowboys and a resistance group who fights to make breeding free for all humanity make an already complicated rebirth even more exciting as she learns about sex, love, herself and how she can find freedom in a future obsessed with sex.

Wicked Space is a sexy science fiction space opera series that delivers steamy entertainment, drama and action thanks to characters like Krista and her friend Andi who worked for a bikini company in the 21st century but are reborn into beautiful bodies and made to serve Regen, the company that controls most human reproduction in the future. There’s more to the story as Perry and his faithful companion Bolts the sex android who was upgraded for combat and exploration go in search of technology and supplies for a resistance fighting to make breeding free for all. His brother Damon assists Laula as she schemes to liberate Krista and Andi from under Regen’s nose. They’re all destined to come together, but what will happen when they do? Will Regen realize two of their prized stock are about to be sprung free? Find out that and solve the mystery of the horny Mandroid in this sexy Space Opera!

Here’s where you can find the book:


From the lounge on my groovy space ship,

Damon Rain


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Learning My Lust Is Everywhere

Learning-My-Lust-GenericThis is one of my favourite erotica projects because it was written in a fun, female voice. I previously published it under a female pen name (Dariya Saint), but since I dropped that, I’m putting it out again under my own name, Damon Ran.

The idea behind this book is simple. Mary is an eighteen year old woman who catches the owner of her favourite cafe pleasuring his girlfriend in the storage room. After seeing how much toe curling fun she’s having, Mary starts exploring the carnal side of life for herself. This leads to a string of misadventures and great experiences that culminate in her pursuit of a special crush.

I had great fun writing this one-shot novel (That’s right, it’s not part of a series), especially because I was able to draw on great stories from friends, and even a couple tales from my 20’s. Some of the characters are based on people I knew back then too. The main character is loosely based on two amazing women I’ve known for a long time, and I hope I did them justice.

I hope you enjoy this book, it was so much fun to write.

Here are a few links to places where you can find the book:


IBOOKS (Apple’s iTunes Bookstore)