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Going Big In 2020

For an agonizing three months all my best books have only been available only on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited platform. Sure, I opted in myself, but after spending on advertising, writing more content and releasing it wide (Magic Means Books 4-5), and working on other plans to get page reads there, things didn’t turn out as I would have liked.

Most importantly, people who didn’t want to grab my stuff from Amazon couldn’t get it elsewhere. As I discovered through a few direct messages and emails, that is definitely a problem.

So, soon you can expect to find my work everywhere, no more exclusives. That is, unless it’s one of my new short stories, which won’t appear on Amazon for the foreseeable future because those stories are too controversial or graphic for that platform.

I think there will be a day when Amazon removes most of the self-published controversial erotic content from their platform, and I plan on already being well established elsewhere, on platforms like Smashwords, where imaginative writers and interested readers can enjoy pretty much whatever they like. Barnes & Noble, Kobo Adult, and the Apple Books platform deserve a mention too. They haven’t caught the censorship bug yet.

So, on January 7, 2020, my books will be set free, and they’ll be available everywhere quality racy pop literature is sold. For Kindle Unlimited readers who discovered me there, you have until January 3 to read those pages, after that you have to buy my work like everyone else, but it’s worth it.

Until then, here are two free short, spicy stories you can download anywhere but Amazon. Teenage Hot Tub Threesome | Poolside Surprise

Life As A Male Erotica Writer

Starting Over: First Steps

grass-455753_1920I should have titled this: Terror and Loathing: How To Rediscover the Inner Newbie. I thought it might be a little too vague, so I went with the other title you see. Note: This is more of a journal of my misadventures rather than a guide to success – so far.

So, for the second time this year I created a brand new persona and began to build a web presence with good ol’ gumption and sweat equity.

Gumption: writing from a different point of view under the new pen name.
Sweat Equity: starting a whole new novel and writing a couple other stories so said pen name has something to show around and flog a little. That’s not exactly where I started though.

I decided to write under a male name, after discussing it with a good friend of mine who knew about my career adventure under the female name, dick pics and all. Then, I had to choose a name that:
1) sounded slightly comical or over the top so it stuck in people’s heads.
2) Was simple. No Yakovinof Kantspelit, or more realistic sounding name that no one could spell no less remember.
3) Was available as a .com. is awesome.
4) Was not taken by another highly visible author.
5) Could sound a little sexy if I said it in an announcer voice. DAMON RAIN!

Once I had the name, I got the .com from the cheapest provider I could find and paid the extortion level fee of keeping the address and actual name of the owner (me), secret. I didn’t spend on a 10 year package, but made sure that I got it all for a couple years to start. You can always go back and extend it if things are going well.

Next, I registered my gmail account, twitter account @realdamonrain , Facebook and started an account at Smashwords.

Damon Rain has points of contact and is ready to start publishing. How do I reach the people I want, though? There’s an old fashioned way – find a free platform that’s popular and release your best work there – so I published a few things to LitErotica, possibly the oldest erotic literature site on the Internet. If not the oldest, it is definitely the biggest. Here’s a link to what I’ve put up so far:

Okay, so the first chapter of the novel I’m working on is up. People have something to look at with my name on it and I can start feeling for like minded people who like what I’m doing.

Next steps! Time for a WordPress account so I can start that blog! Also, time to get a Goodreads account, so it can point to the blog. It’s also the best place to declare: “I AM AN AUTHOR!” and let people build you up or tear you down as they rate your work. This is where a lot of inexperienced authors fall on their faces, because they may not be ready for prime time (may need more practice writing), they may not value editing enough, or they may have misrepresented themselves knowingly or unknowingly by putting themselves in a popular genre where they have heard there are a lot of readers, but their work may not actually belong there. If you’re going to be honest with anyone about your work, be honest with your readers. That starts with listing your work in the most appropriate genre(s). I can’t claim that I’m an author yet, because I don’t have anything listed with a big retailer, but having the Goodreads account is a good start.

Final touches before getting back to writing that fantastic full-length novel:
1) I grabbed a few royalty free photos from Depositphotos because they’re $1.00 each for my profile picture (A cool magical book, since I’m not using my face and using someone else’s face is uncool and illegal in some places), and a few images for my first covers.
2) I started Tweeting! Sure, I have no followers, but by using hashtags that connect me to readers and promoters in my genre as well as other writers, I’ll eventually get a few if I tweet like I have a million followers hanging on my every word. New followers will see there are already tweets on my account and will have an idea of what to expect.
3) I set my to forward to my WordPress site.
4) Wrote my welcome page for WordPress as well as my first blog post. I used an image from for both that was catchy and applicable. Eye candy is a must.
5) I linked my Facebook and Twitter accounts up to WordPress and added links to my blog that lead to the free stuff I posted on LitErotica. I also flogged that free stuff on Twitter, mentioning @literotica so they could retweet it if they liked, and they did.

So, there’s the legwork I’ve done so far. The cost of this venture has reached about $70.00US, so I’m doing pretty well. Following all that, I got to work on the two projects I’m typing away at.