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Magic Means 6 & 7 Are Out!

At long last, the dramatic, humorous and often sexy Magic Means series continues with two new books. Congregation: Magic Means 6 introduces a new character: Amy Angel. She’s escaping her stepfather, who has been keeping her under strict control as she models for his extremely chaste tease website, Christian Stars. Tired of getting little pay and no freedom, she slips out of her Stepfather’s grasp and makes her way to the Van Veld building, where she knows her old friend, Samantha will help her.

Amy Angel also brings bad news: the church her Stepfather’s involved with is preparing to protest the very existence of Van Veld Books, the first real Occult store in Old Town in years.

Meanwhile, Scott and Isabel explore their relationship and Old Town a little as they go on their first real date together. The rock star themed evening is sure to heat up. There are many more events in Congregation, which lead directly to the next book.

With the impending arrival of protestors and magicians from another world, the residents of the Van Veld Building find their own ways of dealing with, or avoiding stress. Inez begins to lean on old habits, hiding and peeping on people to see what they do when they think no one’s watching. Isabel and Scott are enjoying the afterglow of their first date and training new employees for the magic shop. Samantha is in hot pursuit of a new lover, but she’s still unsure of who she really wants; Ruby or Craig. Ruby continues to learn new things about who she may be, what magical power she might have and who she wants to flirt with most.

Mack and Lilith continue opening doors for the newcomer, Amy Angel, who is determined to become a sex star on the Internet to undermine her Stepfather and his wholesome picture site, of which she was the unpaid star model. There’s a lot going on, including a magical awakening, a mini-orgy, messy faeries, a new curse, a Peeping Pam, unexpected matchmaking, raging hormones and other things that I won’t spoil here.

You can find both books on my author pages at the following retailers:

Smashwords | Apple Books | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Google Play

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Founder: Magic Means Book 1 Available Today!

Founder-GenericWith a few last minute changes, Magic Means Book 1 is out today! The final title for this book is: Founder. It was the most fitting title because it refers to two characters that are critical to the series and focused on in this novel.

There are three parallel storylines featured in Founder: Magic Means Book 1. Each has lasting consequences for the entire series, so there is some depth to this series opener. Magic Means is a passion project for me, and I’m happy to say that there is some comedy, heart, action and yes – a few sexy scenes.

I’m wrapping up editing on Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 right now, and it will be out in July 21 of this year.

I hope you enjoy Founder: Magic Means Book 1. I’m happy to offer it to you for free. ¬†Here’s where you can find it:

Smashwords [Available in all formats]
iBooks (By Apple)
Barnes & Noble [Coming Soon]
Amazon [$2.99 Amazon will not allow me to price this book as free until enough people report a lower price]

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Magic Means Book 1 Chapters 1-3

Magic-Means-Book-1-FINAL-COVER-SMALLpngIt’s time to let more of the upcoming Magic Means novel out into the wild, so I’m posting chapters on LitErotica. I plan on putting the entire first act up there, which is about 9 chapters.

Magic Means is about the opening of an Occult store in the middle of a town that is secretly run by witches, warlocks and other magical beings. It will be the first store catering to all but the practitioners of dark magic to open in years, and while it has a great number of things that you might expect to find in a magic store, it’s also quite unconventional. A technological genius who can fix anything decides to partner up, opening a small shop inside the occult store, inadvertently inviting some unexpected beings into the situation. The sex shop across the street is run by a flirty succubus, and the building itself has a history that haunts many important enemies.

Without further delay, here are the links to the first few chapters on LitErotica. Don’t forget to leave as many stars as you feel appropriate once you finish reading each chapter (5 out of 5 would be awesome and get the book noticed more!):

Magic Means Book 1 Chapter 1
Magic Means Book 1 Chapter 2
Magic Means Book 1 Chapter 3