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A Teenage Hot Tub Threesome

Teenage-Hot-Tub-Threesome-GenericA new short that brings me back to the last of my high school days, when I was eighteen and had all the energy in the world. Check out my latest free ebook: Teenage Hot Tub Threesome.

This was a ditty I wrote for fun that I’m not too bashful to share. All characters featured are depicted as 18 or older. Remember, if you’re offended, I warned you about that and it’s all just fantasy.

You can get it in ePub or Kindle format from Smashwords.



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Short Series: Magic Library PT 1

I’ve started publishing some stories that are set in the Magic Means universe on LitErotica. I’m looking forward to get the first feedback for these rough drafts, and if it’s positive I’ll probably find a way to slip them into one of the upcoming books.

Here’s the link to the first part, where Nella the young succubus is approached by her supervisor in the library, Izzie the Witch.¬†