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Wicked Space Returns To Amazon

The EBook world is dominated by Amazon, so after over a year of trying my luck in the wild, I’ve decided to start publishing my work exclusively with them. That started with the Magic Means series, and now I’m throwing Wicked Space onto the stack.

The sexiest space opera in the galaxy returns, and I’m happy to announce that I’m working on the third book in that trilogy. Following that, I will be writing something new that I’m hinting at with the eye candy included with this post. I look forward to entertaining you with another volume of sexy, quirky, funny space opera.

For now, you can check out Wicked Space Dissent Books 1 and 2 using the links below. They’re free to anyone with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US Link
Amazon UK Link


Wicked Space Series Cancelled

Wicked-Space-GenericThe feedback for Wicked Space has been largely positive. Most of the criticism I received was constructive and absolutely helpful for the first book and I agree with most of the comments early readers were kind enough to share with me. So, my experience with Wicked Space Book 1 has been great so far.

If that’s the case, then why am I cancelling it?

Wicked Space Book 1 was originally written under the name Dariya Saint, and I shared it chapter by chapter on LitErotica. There’s a tendency to include as many sex scenes as you can when you’re publishing on that site because of the sheer number of people who turn up for only that content – a quick sex scene to titillate to the point of satisfaction before they move on to another site – and I definitely fell into that trap. That led to Wicked Space Book 1 having more sex scenes than plot content, and they weren’t the best sex scenes to begin with. Nor was the breeding war idea explored well. It’s not a new idea in science fiction for humanity to have to breed their numbers back to a sustainable level, I think there was even an R rated SciFi flick in the 70’s based on the idea, and I know a lot of erotic novels went there too. In short, I asked myself if I would change much of the book if I could rewrite it and the answer was a resounding YES! I would scrap it and start over for the most part, keeping the adventure scenes with Perry and Bolts the Android practically unchanged. It was the other 70% of the book I’d chuck. Also, looking at Book 2, which is almost completely edited and ready now, I realized that it was so much better! When you release a new series, you have to start strong, and Book 1 is the weaker of the two novels by far. The constructive criticism I received pointed to that as well, so it wasn’t just me.

The sad part of this is that editing and rewriting would take months. So, since more than half of the first book would be cut completely, and the second book would have to change drastically, I decided to concentrate on something that’s working instead of trying to rebuild my sexy space opera. Magic Means is sexy, fun, has good characters, and a story with real heart. It stars characters who start out looking out for their own interests, but learn that they have a real need to protect others in a city that is largely influenced by the powers of darkness. The emotional response to the book is very real, with early readers cheering a few times, laughing many, many times, and even crying once or twice during a read through of the early material. That’s what I’d rather focus on.

Worry not! I will eventually write a Sexy Space Opera, but Magic Means will by my first series under the name Damon Rain. Wicked Space may have been the Sexiest Space Opera in the Galaxy, but it didn’t measure up to the standards I’d like to keep. I’ll resurrect the Wicked Space series with a different story someday, but for now, I’ll be writing about a great big Magic Shop in the middle of Old Town in the Magic Means series. Watch for it, you won’t regret it.

Damon Rain